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The problems that debt causes can reach far beyond your how much money you may have in your pocket or in the bank. The lack of finances affects every aspect of your life. Some of the most obvious result is increased stress, lack of sleep, irritability toward those around you, avoiding social activities, drug or alcohol problems, and additional problems can arise if you don’t address your financial worries. Medical problems and depression can be symptoms of chronic stress stemming from financial worrying. If these problems are left unresolved, stress can disrupt relationships. It’s widely known that money problems are among the leading causes of family disputes and even divorce.

The triggers that spark stress-related problems can literally follow a worried debtor like a shadow. There can be the fear of parking your car not knowing if you’ll return to find it being hauled away by a repossession agent. Creditor calls may lead you to stop answering your phone. Debt collectors are not nice people. Collection agents are trained to make you feel as if you must pay them before all others. An overdue mortgage or the inability to pay back rent could lead to losing the family home or the roof that you have over your head. Fear of eviction can turn a warm family home into an undesirable situation.

Debt shouldn’t be ignored as your credit ratings can plummet when your debt soars, leaving debtors at the mercy of high-cost lending services. As debts spiral out of control you may face a wage garnishment which can evaporate the simple reward of payday after a hard week at work. Not only are you left without money for recreational activities, but you still have the debt, late fees, and interest charges piling up making the mountain of debt insurmountable.

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Do not ignore your debt and you don’t need to face it alone. You didn’t get into debt without help; someone borrowed you money, usually a stranger. There’s no reason not to ask someone for help in solving your financial woes. Contact a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney today! We offer same day appointments, payment plans for every budget, and FREE consultations for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

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